Rev. Carol Daniel-Winget, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister

Spiritual Director

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    My specialty as a licensed counselor is helping people who are going through major life transitions, such as death or other relationship loss, aging, challenge resulting from trauma and painful events, geographic, career, or financial change, or a quest for personal and spiritual growth. A respectful and collaborative relationship is paramount in our work together. I am an integrative therapist, and use insights and methods from various schools of counseling thought, as well as wisdom gained from my own experiences, to help you navigate change, heal, and grow.


    Important research recognizes that integrating spirituality into counseling can be very powerful to assist healing and resolution of challenges. I have been involved personally in spiritual exploration and practice for most of my life, have found it very useful for working with my own issues in life, and am very comfortable supporting your spiritual life as part of the work together, if you wish.


    Together we will discover and explore your inner and outer resources for resilience, healing, and change. I will help you navigate change, be mindfully grounded in the present, and move forward through your transition with grace and ease for a better future. 

Spiritual Direction

     As an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister I am available to support your spiritual journey.  Spiritual direction may be appropriate if your primary purpose in getting together is to deepen your connection and service to God, your Higher Self, the Divine, Source, or whatever name you might give to that transcendent sense of reality.  Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy or counseling to address life challenges such as painful transitions, though these challenges naturally come up in our search for God, and are an opportunity to deepen our understanding and faith walk.  I listen and support you to follow Spirit’s guidance in your life, and encourage you to use spiritual practices that work best for you.


A Path to Peace